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Kickin' Comets

Level Up Your Skills with our Soccer Development Program: Kickin'Comets Program for Ages 7-10

Elevate Your Game

Step Up Your Game: Join Our Year-Round Soccer Development Program for Ages 6-10! Led by Shawn Maloney, Director of Soccer at Xtreme SportsPlex, this next-level initiative focuses on refining advanced skills including footwork, shooting, passing, and more. With a strong emphasis on both individual and team skills, players receive continuous ball engagement to enhance their game. Coach Maloney's expertise with our Shooting Stars Soccer Program ensures an exceptional experience as we elevate training to the next age level. Enroll Today!


  • Cost: $55/month per player.

  • Time: Every Sunday from 10:00 am - 11:00 am.

  • Open to all areas and schools!


With Kickin' Comets

Our Team of Dedicated Coaches

Intensity. Precision. Unity.

Our coaching team forms the core of our soccer program, consisting of devoted individuals deeply passionate about the sport. With extensive experience and limitless enthusiasm, they guide athletes in honing techniques, fostering teamwork, and unleashing their full potential. We prioritize holistic development, emphasizing the importance of fostering strong connections and instilling a lifelong love for soccer. With our committed staff supporting you, you'll not only reach your goals but also create lasting memories. Join us for an enriching soccer journey that promises transformation both on and off the field!

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